June 17th - 24th 2024

Calling all Parents, Coaches, and Educators!

Join us and hear from global experts on the topic of winning the war on youth entitlement. These experts will share their personal stories, research, and professional guidance on how to help us develop remarkable, resourceful, and resilient youth. If you are a parent, coach, or anyone that interacts with youth regularly, this is a must-not-miss virtual event.

Don't do business alone

Why You Should Attend:

• Invest in yourself and your role in shaping the future generation.

• Discover insights on nurturing resilience and resourcefulness in today's youth.

• Learn directly from me and other stand-out speakers.

• Explore programs, courses, and skills that foster a success-oriented mindset in youth.
• Receive a gift from every speaker to enhance your learning experience.

Secure your free spot today and hear personal stories and proven solutions from experts in the field. Don’t miss out on insights from this talented lineup of speakers

"Courtney takes her professional and life experience and delivers it in a relatable, yet impactful way to serve others. She delivers knowledge and ideas to women as she educates them about financial literacy and finding financial security in their lives"

Lauren Santagate

Who should attend this virtual summit?

• Parents + Caregivers

• Teachers, Educators, Community Leaders, Faith-based Leaders, + Coaches

• Workplace Professionals that work with or for youth

• Anyone who wants to grow personally and enhance your caregiving and leadership skills

Meet Our Speakers

Scott Donnell

Founder of Dinner Table & GravyStack

Dr. Chris Thurber

David Verdu

Founder of Way Beyond Measure

Elaine Taylor - Klau

Co-Founder of

Impact Parenting

Jesse Lebeau

Social influencer & Youth Motivational Speaker

Maggie Nielson

Co-Founder of

Purse Strings

Melody Pourmoradi

Empowering Her podcast host + founder of The GiRLiFE Academy

Stephanie Pinto

Author, Podcast Host, & Founder of Let’s Raise Emotionally Intelligent Kids

Walker White

Auburn Quarterback Success Secrets

Penny Williams

Author, Podcast Host & Co-creator of the Survival to Success Accelerator

Larry Hagner

Founder of the

Dad Edge Podcast

Sonali Vongchusiri

Founder of Forward Together Parenting

Katie Wood

Author & Founder of

A Simple Seed

Brendan Mahan

Speaker, Coach, & ADHD Consultant

Deanna Singh

Speaker, Author, & Educator

Cheryl Butler

Counselor & Founder of

True North Families

Dr. Hilary Mandzik

Podcast Host & Founder of

Raised Resilient

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